The main goal of Wanawalk is to help people find travel companions with whom they can share costs and experiences. In order to do this they have created a community of travellers where users can create their own adventures, whether it is a one day trip or a longer journey, and decide who they want to share their experience with. They do this by selecting certain search criteria (gender, age, tastes and hobbies, among others) in order to find the ideal profile of the people they would like to share their plan or journey with. They also decide how many people will join them in their adventure and set a maximum budget.

At the end of the adventure the users will be able to rate their travel companions as well as their overall experience. This makes Wanawalk a great social network and community of adventurers.

Through this community users will also be able to contact local tourism service providers and hire the services they need from them directly and without third parties, which also stimulates local tourism providers.