Nacho Mas

Open Innovation Strategist & Serial Entrepreneur @ Conector de OuiShare

Nacho Mas is a company and team manager with experience in strategic management, open innovation, new business models, entrepreneurship, exponential growth, leadership, internationalization, strategic communication, digital marketing, collaborative economy, social innovation, co-creation, generating ideas and new concepts, spin-offs and start-ups, intraentrepreneurship, community management, smart cities, open knowledge, digital manufacturing and the maker movement.

He is a partner and the CEO of Canica Valor Estrat├ęgico, an innovation consulting firm for enterprises and institutions, and a platform for projects such as Valida Innovation, Gigoing, Chiquiemprendedores, Observatorio de los Estrategas and Era Integral.

He is a connector in OuiShare (Valencia), a global community and think-and-do-tank, whose mission is to create and promote a fair, open and trusting collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas and leading activities to create a community and generate knowledge and projects. OuiShare is an international leader in the field of economics and collaborative innovation, with a presence in numerous cities in Europe, USA, Latin America and the Middle East. Nacho Mas is also trainer at the OuiShare Academy.