Lourdes Mirón

@ @ Co-Director of the Social Innovation Forum-JOVESOLIDES


Lourdes is the President of Jovesolides, an organisation with which she has been collaborating since its foundation in 1999. She is a social educator, specialised in management of non-profit organizations and development cooperation at the University of Valencia. She has collaborated as a volunteer in many community movements. Since she was 20 years old, she has combined her volunteer work with work in the third sector (she has worked at Casal de la Pau, Jovesolides, Fundación CeiMigra and Confederación de Centros Juveniles Don Bosco, among others). She has also participated actively in several networks of non-profit organizations. She is currently the Secretary of the Valencian Coordinator of NGOs and of the JOVESOLIDES International Network.

In recent years, she has devoted her efforts to working with the extraordinary team of Jovesolides on a new strategic line of work: social innovation. In 2014, she launched Red CreActiva with the aim of disseminating this approach in the third sector, public administrations, academia and political parties, becoming the Co-Director of the Social Innovation Forum.