La Escalera


La Escalera was created to facilitate the contact and mutual support between people in neighbours’ communities and it aims to implement participative processes to meet the care needs of community settings. It is an action-research project that intends to enliven the communities to encourage the opening of spaces, channels and resources to promote collaboration, as well as to establish support and cooperation relationships between neighbours.

La Escalera intends to revitalize the communities themselves. On signs that are placed next to mailboxes you can read messages such as: “Shall we share WIFI?” or “Shall we lend each other the drill?”. The sign is accompanied by stickers with similar suggestions that neighbours can stick on their mailbox to inform others about what they offer or need.

The project is innovative insofar as it is directed to a space, that of the community of neighbours, which has hardly ever been the focus of any research or intervention initiatives. It involves key agents of the environment. Besides, the social impact of the project is assessed taking into account dimensions such as the satisfaction with neighbourly relations, and also the synergies established with other agents and processes that are connected to the environment of the community. We can therefore say that La Escalera promotes empowerment processes for individuals, organizations and the territory. It generates deep changes in the habits and attitudes of society by looking for new institutional and social frameworks that embrace and sustain such changes, in order to generate replicable and scalable solutions.