Aminata Traoré

@ “Innovative Africa: resetting the system from the South”

Aminata Traoré is one of the most recognised and influential intellectuals in Mali and the whole African continent, as well as one of the most respected voices in the alter-globalization movement.
Traoré is a Doctor in Social Psychology and Psychopathology. From 1975 until 1988, she worked as a researcher in Social Sciences and lectured at the Ethno-Sociology Institute of the University of Abidjan (Administrative Capital of Côte d’Ivoire).

She was Minister for Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Mali between 1997 and 2000. She is also the current coordinator of the Forum pour un autre Mali and director of the Amadou Hampâté Center (CAHBA), which focuses on human development and quality of life.

As a writer and essayist, Traoré has collected her ideas in several reference publications where she also denounces the exploitation that her country and the whole continent are suffering under the excuse of development aid. L’étau (l’Afrique dans un monde sans frontières), Mille tisserands en quête d’avenir, Le Viol de l’Imaginaire, Lettre au Président des français à propos de la Côte d’ivoire et de l’Afrique en général, and L’Afrique humiliée.