Abdoulaye Fall


Winkomun is an association of Self-financed communities created in 2004. Its aim: to fight social and financial exclusion, affecting mainly migrants, through the promotion of savings and providing mutual support networks. This association was inspired by the community-building informal practices found in most African, Latin-American and Asian countries. This model tries to offer a disruptive solution to the huge challenge of fully integrating people that had to leave their countries of origin for different reasons.

A self-financed community is composed of 10-20 people that, on a basis of trust, save money together and, with the capital obtained, they provide loans to face their personal needs.

This innovative initiative is born out of the need to act from a new paradigm with proposals unrelated to assistance-base models. Far from seeing people as objects of mercy, the idea is to dignify affected people by turning them into active agents in the construction of a diverse, integrating society and by making them the drivers of their personal development.