Lurdes Vidal: “The persistence of gender-based Islamophobia shows that intersectionality is necessary in the analysis and in the fight against Islamophobia”.

The Organising Committee of the International Forum on Social Innovation has talked with Lurdes Vidal, Director of the Mediterranean Arab World (IEMED). As member of the Academic Committee, with regular appearances in several media and professor at the University of Barcelona, Lurdes highlights that the Muslim community must find its own voice and place in […]

These eight people are rebooting the migration system

The interference of the allegedly developed countries and the inequalities this generates are the main cause of great human movements. The hate speech used by far-right parties contributes to extend the idea that migrants, especially impoverished migrants, are causing a seemingly endless humanitarian crisis. However, it has already been demonstrated that articulating a migration policy […]

Ahmad Sufian Bayram, Techstars regional manager for the Middle East and Africa, will tell us how social entrepreneurship is a tool of growth for Syrian refugees.

Ahmad is a social entrepreneur and activist of the collaborative economy. He works as the Techstars regional manager for the Middle East and Africa, where he provides support to hundreds of community leaders in the region. His main goal: to foster social entrepreneurship and to remind people that refugees can contribute to local societies and […]

Ana María Álvarez, founder of Migration Hub, will show us her experience in fostering entrepreneurship among migrants

The goal of the Migration Hub Network is to support international social projects dealing with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The mission of this platform, created by Berlin-based Costa Rican journalist Ana María Álvarez in 2016, is to help migrant entrepreneurs in their business opportunities. Ana María will attend our forum to introduce the Migration […]

Matthias Schulze-Böing will talk about a success story in the social integration of migrants: the German city of Offenbach am Main

German sociologist Matthias Schulze-Böing will be one of the keynote speakers in the Forum. He will tell us how a small town like Offenbach is a successful model for the integration of migrants. Matthias Schulze-Böing, who is the Head of the Employment, Statistics, Social Development and Integration Policies Department at the City Council of Offenbach […]

Luísa Malhó, member of the High Commission for Migrations in Portugal, will show us why our neighbouring country integrates migrants better

On the 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation, we will have among us Portuguese sociologist Luísa Malhó, member of the High Commission for Migrations in Portugal.  This institution was created in 1996 to promote policies that consider migration as an opportunity and not a problem. On the 4th edition of the International […]

Clara Jiménez, co-founder of Maldita Migración, will show us how to generate new narratives on migrations in the media

Why is a positive image of migration nowhere to be seen in the media? There is a lot of misinformation, a lack of context, a dehumanization of the narrative and an increase of the so-called fake news and hoaxes. Is it possible to generate a counter-narrative in the media, and not only in the so-called […]

The 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation is here: a space for collective inspiration

The 4th International Forum on Social Innovation, organised by Jovesolides and Red Creactiva, is here. It will be held on December 12th-13th 2019. An indispensable date where over 300 people will meet to find creative solutions to social problems. This time, under the motto “Migration. Joining forces to reset the system”, we will focus on […]

During the Forum, Photographer Angélica Dass will talk about diversity as an “essential valure of mankind”

The 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation will be honoured by the presence of Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass. In December, Dass will show us how she refocused social reality through an innovative perspective in her work. The creator of the acclaimed project Humanae, “a collection of portraits that unveils beauty from the […]

Gonzalo Fanjul, one of the speakers in the Forum, will provide alternatives to reform a broken migration system

What is the reality of migration in the 21st century? If data show clearly that it is a natural and beneficial phenomenon, why are these data manipulated? What interests lay behind the negative view on migrations? Why have politicians entered this game? Researcher and Activist Gonzalo Fanjul will throw some light on these issues and […]