Gonzalo Fanjul, one of the speakers in the Forum, will provide alternatives to reform a broken migration system

What is the reality of migration in the 21st century? If data show clearly that it is a natural and beneficial phenomenon, why are these data manipulated? What interests lay behind the negative view on migrations? Why have politicians entered this game? Researcher and Activist Gonzalo Fanjul will throw some light on these issues and more in his presentation “X-ray of migrations: alternatives to a broken system”.

On December 12th, Fanjul will be one of the speakers on the 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation that will be held at the Polytechnic University of València. This way, the current director of the Policy Analysis Department at ISGlobal and promoter of the Fundación porCausa will offer us a global overview on the phenomenon of migration. Besides, he will give us a critical view regarding the main policy lines agreed at international level that he was able to learn first-hand as a participant in the Marrakesh Summit.

Fanjul has recently joined the Ashoka international network as a social innovation fellow. He will delve into the results of latest research projects on migration carried out by the Fundación porCausa. The work carried out by this team is currently a benchmark “to prevent biased approaches and in order to fight lies and manipulation”

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