During the Forum, Photographer Angélica Dass will talk about diversity as an “essential valure of mankind”

The 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation will be honoured by the presence of Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass. In December, Dass will show us how she refocused social reality through an innovative perspective in her work.

The creator of the acclaimed project Humanae, “a collection of portraits that unveils beauty from the diversity of skin colours” will hold one of the short presentations in the Forum: “Humanae: a social innovation proposal to fight racism”. Her initiative has gone through more than 31 cities in six continents. Its main goal is “to promote a dialogue that challenges the way we think about skin colour and ethnicity”.

The work by this photographer transcends museums and finds an important working space in classrooms. As she acknowledges, “the sooner you start breaking stereotypes, the better it will work”.

With her powerful and inspiring rhetoric, she has been a guest speaker in important institutions such as the University of Salamanca, the University of Bologna or the UERJ (Rio de Janeiro), as well as National Geographic and the World Economic Forum as a cultural leader. In December she will participate in the International Forum on Social Innovation.

“I don’t know anyone who is black or white, why do they describe human beings that way? Modern science states that races do not exist. Why do we keep defining human beings as black, white, red or yellow?

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