Clara Jiménez, co-founder of Maldita Migración, will show us how to generate new narratives on migrations in the media

Why is a positive image of migration nowhere to be seen in the media? There is a lot of misinformation, a lack of context, a dehumanization of the narrative and an increase of the so-called fake news and hoaxes. Is it possible to generate a counter-narrative in the media, and not only in the so-called alternative media? What does it depend on? What are the main hurdles to do it?

Clara Jiménez, journalist and co-founder of Maldita Migración, will put us up to speed on this issue. The main goal of this innovative initiative is to contrast information and to dismantle hoaxes related to migration and refugees that are disseminated in the media and social networks.
Jiménez, who is the only Spaniard in the High-level Expert Group on Misinformation appointed by the European Commission, will give us an overview of the current situation, as well as some of the new trends that have been tackled at Maldita Migración.

“One of every 3 hoaxes are directly related with a potential misinformation on migrations”, and this is something we cannot allow. Therefore, on December 12th, we have a date with contrasted information, an essential tool for a cohesive society in order to face lies and the hate speech.

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