Ana María Álvarez, founder of Migration Hub, will show us her experience in fostering entrepreneurship among migrants

The goal of the Migration Hub Network is to support international social projects dealing with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The mission of this platform, created by Berlin-based Costa Rican journalist Ana María Álvarez in 2016, is to help migrant entrepreneurs in their business opportunities.

Ana María will attend our forum to introduce the Migration Hub Network, an initiative created in 2016, just one year after she arrived in Germany. Its main mission is to provide support to international social projects dealing with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

For that purpose, they focus on providing mentoring and capacity-building to migrant entrepreneurs; networking and collaboration among social projects from all over the world; offering consulting services for companies, NGOS and governments; and providing physical spaces (hubs) currently in two cities and soon in some more.

Currently, the Migration Hub Network has built a community with over 2,300 members; over 4,000 people have taken part in their workshops and events in the last year; and they participate in more than 10 projects. All these projects aim at modifying the migration narrative through social entrepreneurship.

Álvarez, who is a specialist in Human Rights and Education for Peace, created this platform for migrant entrepreneurs in order to help them in their business opportunities, This initiative provides guiding for entrepreneurs, social enterprises and companies. Besides, this in an initiative focusing on networking and the exchange among projects with the aim of increasing their impact and potential in the long term.

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