Aminata Touré will be the first speaker at the 4th International Forum on Social Innovation

Malian politician and writer Aminata Taoré will be in charge of opening the 4th edition of the International Forum on Social Innovation with her presentation “Innovative Africa: resetting the system from the South”. As an activist, she will offer us an overview on the phenomenon of migration from a decolonialist, feminist perspective that is full of proposals. Besides, she will delve into innovative experiences that are being led by the African continent. She will show us some of the keys to tackle migration from a fair and more inclusive perspective.

The Organizing Committee of the Forum is thrilled to inform you that, on December 12th, more than 300 people will be able to listen to “the African voice of the alter-globalization movement”, one of the most relevant intellectuals from our time, a source of inspiration and mobilisation even outside Africa.

Aminata Touré is a Doctor in Social Psychology and defines herself as a “practising Muslim and modern woman”. She is infuriated by Western stereotypes about African women, who are usually regarded as humiliated and dominated. Part of her ideas are collected in several reference publications where she also denounces the exploitation that her country and the whole continent are suffering under the excuse of development aid.

Aminata will provide us with an unconventional and diverse analysis of the phenomenon of migrations. We tend to look at the migration phenomenon from a Western-centric perspective, focusing only on the consequences and not on the root causes that lead to migration flows. With Traoré’s approach, no one can remain indifferent.

Quite soon, we will be able to inform you about more surprises, as other speakers, new sections in this edition. Don’t let others tell you! Social innovation is not just a hype, it is the necessary tool to approach any social challenge. We hope you can join us!

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